A Breakfast Egg Discovery

While on this trip we have discovered and are putting to good use a great breakfast egg tip. Here are the steps to a great fried egg and bread breakfast.

  1. Get your bread and use a small glass to cut out the centre (keep for later)
  2. Heat your frying pan up throw in some bacon (optional) if not use butter.
  3. Once bacon is cooked or butter is melted throw in your bread with the hole
  4. Simply crack your egg into the centre of the bread
  5. Once you think it’s cooked on side A flip over to side B and also put the circle of bread you cut out into the pan to fry off a little
  6. Once both sides are done serve up and you have bacon, bread, and egg all nicely together and a great runny yoke in the middle

Job Done, a great start to the day 🙂