The Kenny Rogers Chicken

Yes, you read right, we were no cowards of the county, Reuben James !! Who knew that Kenny Rogers had a chicken chain in Asia? Well, he started a chain in the USA, and it failed. However, it took off in Asia and lo and behold down the road we found it. In amongst the Pad Thai and Green Curry there it was. A little bit of country in the heart of Phuket. Plain simple rotisserie chicken, coleslaw and potatoe salad and all the Kenny you could listen to 🙂

We simply had to try it just to say we had. With The Gambler blasting out the fare was simple but nice and a change from the norm. The manager was a lovely guy who had just come back from three months of training at the Kenny Rogers HQ in Malaysia. He was so proud of his new restaurant and was happy to chat. Telling us all about the various outlets in Indonesia, Dubai and beyond.

So in a surreal setting, we sat and ate Kenny chicken, miles from Nashville supping on my multicolored passion beverage. Sometimes bizarre just has to be done!