Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach is a special place about 5 minutes drive from where we are staying. You arrive down a thin road to a beachfront that is deep and long with national forest to the right and the small township to the left. I say Nai Yang is a special place not because of its gorgeous beach that is 27 miles long, or its fabulous people full of smiles and cheer, or the views and the sun. It is special because still standing in the middle of the main street is a building totally destroyed by the Tsunami in 2014.

Phuket is rebuilding and in places like Patong Beach, one of the worst-hit areas, there is little evidence any longer of the destruction played out on that fateful day. In Nai Yang however, tucked back from the beach is a resort that is yet to be taken down some 12 years later and as you look up you can certainly get an understanding of the severe power of the waves on that day.

tsunami buildings

The story changes once you hit the beach. Today it is a tranquil, beauty spot, not so crowded as some of the other beaches down the coast and certainly nowhere near as busy as Patong. Sandra and I walked the shoreline, our feet in the warm water. So hot it was like a bathtub lapping at the coast. The tourist boats and fishing boats floated on the glass surface while families swam. Their unique local design, high bows and long outboard motors, and colours galore.

Heading back as the sun rose and the heat climbed once again it was time for a customary foot massage. Fantastically relaxing to the point where I generally fall asleep and snore loudly, to the amusement of all around me. By the time our legs were suitably wobbly and well pampered, it was lunch time. Sitting in a beach front restaurant the menu was very similar to all the others. However, this time the Pad Thai came encased in an egg basket. The description in the menu meant it had to be tried and so I ordered and was not let down at all. It was delicious. As our lunch came to an end we could hear the pool calling us and a lazy afternoon ahead. We will certainly head back to Nai Yang before we leave this amazing island if only for the sleep-inducing massage and the bathwater beach.