The Restaurant you won’t find on Google

Tuesday Afternoon in the Old Phuket Town. The rain came in waves, the heat came in bigger waves as I walked the historic streets looking for photo opportunities and capturing the everyday hustle and bustle (photos can be seen from my walkabout in the photo projects section of my blog). Peaking through doorways and up alleys, there was life and colour in every corner. It was mid-afternoon, and so the school children were beginning to appear on the streets. Smart in their white shirts and blue shorts and skirts, they had a brightness to them found only in young people.  As they walked the streets they would stop at a roadside vendor to buy large ice-filled multi-coloured drinks, no doubt full of sugar but who cares, they certainly didn’t.

In my walking, I came across a restaurant. while looking through the window, my eyes were met with pseudo old world French furniture and walls adorned with the pictures of the late Thai King. This had to be the place to eat tonight. After meeting with Sandra again and being slightly drenched, we walked the street to where the location with the unknown name was situated and took our seats.

The menu was presented, looking much like a small graphic novel of 1 cm thick, and the wine list. Sandra knew what she wanted from the wine list, and so it only left this dossier of dishes. I ordered three starters which were beautiful and easy, but the main were so much harder. I think our frustrations were noticed by the waiter who was fantastic. He only walked over and said ‘for you Madame Crab Curry and you for you sir, the local pork stew’  Who were we to argue? We put our full trust in this man completely and wow he was so right, the crab curry was fantastic, delicious, tangy plentiful and a fabulous colour. The pork? Well, where do I start? The best pork I have eaten in a restaurant in a very long time, it fell away from the fork, was rich in sauce and flavor and was the perfect evening meal. The waiter later told me it was his favorite and was a local dish.

There was certainly no room left for anything else, so after a fantastic meal costing approx $30 NZD per head !!!! (food is so very cheap in Phuket) We wandered our way home through the rain soaked streets, and into the evening Phuket traffic, watching the locals buying their produce to take home for their evening meals, and dodging the crazy scooter riders on the wet roads.  This island is a bustling, fantastic and amazing place full of smiles and mopeds, all with a touch of Evil Kinevil.