Auckland NZ

Sitting in the airport terminal, waiting for the plane home to Wellington after 5 days of cooking classes, beach walking, sunsets and work… I have not been on for a while but then life has been busy, as it sadly gets, and we all know. Riding the waves of change into the mid-winter, listening to a lot of The 1975 and taking lots of shots. I thought I would share some of the most recent, the amazing Auckland sunsets and more. I do really like the black the and white of the guy in the street in Takapuna. I wonder where he was going and what he was thinking?

I also love the Giraffe in the window, just bizarre looking back at the world. Young people in love on the amazing beach in Takapuna, and the guy walking the high ground lost in whatever world he was in. I also was lucky enough to see the seaplane over the harbour bridge, taking me back to my youth when seaplanes were the only way to get out the islands in the harbour. I remember my dad flying in them, long before ferries. It is great to see them back again across the city.

Anyway, if your reading this I hope you enjoy some of these shots…. I am glad to be here to see them and take them.. but I can’t wait to get home to SK.