Quick Update

Sitting waiting on my plane back to Wellington. Wanted to put together a quick update and say new words and photos are coming soon. Early morning street shots from the city, some evening shots from Auckland and some shots taken from a recent food photography course that I attended.

I learned so much, and met some great people so will be sharing these soon.

On the music front loads of new stuff hitting my ears and so certainly going to make an effort to put up some links.

Until then…

… a taste

Wellington in Colour

Well, yes its been another while but I have been taking the opportunity to shoot some pics of the great city I live in. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and has many places for some great photo opportunities. I have also spent my downtime working on my own website http://www.camcreative.biz all of it being great relaxation therapy. I am also finding my style and what I like to shoot and its certainly heading towards street, urban and landscape (with a touch of portrait thankfully supported by my four great step grandsons and extended family). I hope you like the shots of this awesome city. Onto more adventures soon.