Brand New Day – The Mavericks


Just when your head is filling up with the latest computer designed, artificially intelligent reality augmented hit records from the digital divide The Mavericks come along and insert a tiny bottle brush into your right ear, push it through and out the other side and deliver another album full of raw, bouncing sounds. A breath of fresh air is left, as you sit (if you’re old enough) remembering this is what music used to be like.

‘Old Man’ i hear you say, ‘It’s just country’ … but is it? The opening track smacks you straight in the face with a swelling Polka style track ‘Rolling Along’ complete with accordion, mariachi horns and tight harmonies and if you don’t tap your foot… your DEAD!

From there the album just gets better and better. ‘Easy As It Seems’ with its driving pulse takes you back to a place in time, before globalisation and 70-year-old first-time parents. The shuffle and sax of ‘I Think Of You’ is taken straight from 1958, soaring rich vocals over a bounce that causes the ankle to move without you even knowing it.  Track 8, ‘Ride With Me’ plants the image firmly in the mind of your parents doing the twist in pencil skirts and skinny ties as the album crash to ‘I wish you well’ that sadly sounds a little like ‘Now the Carnival is over” in its feel but hey ho. If the album has a weak track it has to be ‘Goodnight Waltz’ and I suppose only because it reminds me of your poor relations wedding that you never wanted to attend in the first place.

If you’re looking for something that is refreshingly different to the top 40, want to tap your foot and take a little walk back to a simpler time then Brand New Day could just do that for you.  Worth a listen on all streaming platforms, if only once.